Want a fun and exciting way to raise money for your shelter, rescue group or club? Why not have a Lure Coursing event or add lure coursing to your existing event!

Here are some of the questions people ask us about holding a lure coursing fundraisers:

How Does it Work?

First you have to decide - your location or ours? We have a fully fenced, 2 acre field to run the dogs. We also have ample street parking, areas to set up crates or tables for sales items, electricity, running water and lots of shade.

If you want us to use your location you MUST have the following:


  • An area at LEAST 100' on each side in which to run the dogs (bigger is better)

  • The area MUST be fully fenced, relatively level and free of obstructions (like bushes or trees)

  • During hot summer months you MUST have access to water for the dogs - both drinking and for a pool

How Long Do You Stay?

We can start as early as 9 am and run for up to 8 hours. We do require a 30 minute lunch if we are running for more than 4 hours.

How Many Dogs Can You Run?

If you provide the people to handle the money/tickets, work the gate and keep the line moving we can usually run up to 40 dogs per hour. If we have to do ALL the work that number drops by almost half.

How Much Can We Expect to Make?

This depends on how much you charge, will you have people to help with the gate and how long we are there.

We charge $5 per run at our location but find that most people are willing to pay more for fundraisers (knowing the money is going to a good cause). We've had groups charge between $5 and $10 per run. Some groups offer a discounted price if you purchase multiple runs. For example, $10 for the first run, 2 runs for $15.

So, if you charged $5 per run, we ran the lure for 6.5 hours and we ran about 25 dogs per hour - that comes to roughly $800.

Now, If you have people help with the gate and tickets and charge $10 per run or 2/$15 - you could bring over $1,500.

These are only estimates.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our fees are based on three factors - location (ours or yours), are you an animal related not-for-profit and whether or not the lure coursing is a "draw" for the event.

What do we mean by "draw"? A draw is an activity that is used to draw people to a large event. For example, the carnival rides at the fair - that's a draw. Event organizers hope people come to ride the Ferris Wheel and stay to see the rest of the fair.

If you are having a big event with several activities (other than the lure coursing) and/or commercial vendor booths - then the lure coursing would be a draw.

So - having explained that - here is the fee schedule:

Using Our Location

If you are an animal related not-for-profit organization the fee is $150 for the full day

For everyone else the fee is $200 for the full day

Using YOUR Location

If you are an animal related not-for-profit organization and the lure coursing is NOT a draw event the fee is $225 for the full day

If you are a for-profit organization and the lure coursing is NOT a draw event the fee is $325 for the full day

If you are an animal-related not-for-profit organization and the lure coursing IS a draw event - the fee is $400

If you are a for-profit organization and the lure coursing IS a draw event - the fee is $500

If your location is more than 60 miles from ours there is a mileage charge - $.56 per mile (we use Google Maps to calculate the miles)

If your location is more than 2 hours (one way) from ours you are required to pay for 2 nights at a pet friendly hotel in the area for us

Who Handles the Run Schedule?

If you want a run schedule YOU must create and maintain it, Send us a link to your website where people can sign up and we will add it to our schedule information.

What About Advertising?

Pre-event - we will list your event on our website and send out the information in our regular emails to our customers as well as spreading the word through local groups.

Post-event - we ask that you add a link on your website to our photography website once the pictures are ready for viewing.

What Paperwork Do You Require?

We require that a waiver is signed by anyone wanting to run their dog. This can be included as part of your standard disclaimer or we can provide a separate form just for the lure coursing. The waiver covers the lure coursing AND the photography. We can provide the wording if necessary.

Photographs for My Website?

We are happy to provide, at no cost, some pictures in web quality format for use on your website or newsletter to promote the event. We do request that you give us credit for the photographs.

Any question we haven't answered?? Want to book a date??

Contact us to discuss any of these details or to book a date for your event! Remember to book early!

Simply send us an email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it