If you are interested in giving your dog a chance to try this fun sport - or if your dog is a returning courser - here's how you can sign up for our events.

First - check the Running Schedule page to see when we are running and the Our Location page to see where we are located

Second - read the Rules and be willing to follow them.

Third - just head on out!! Right now we are not requiring reservations.

The weather, the age and health/condition of your dog and how much they like the game will determine exactly how many times we let them run around the field, chasing the lure, during each trip to the field. Puppies only do straight runs - no turns. So we send them down the straight-away and back (several times if they are so inclined). After their first trips into the field we have the owners take them out and cool them down. On very hot days that means a dunk in the pool - whether the dogs wants to or not.

We suggest you keep an eye on the Schedule page. If the weather forces us to cancel that days' event we will post that information on our website. If you are coming from a fair distance we highly suggest you check the website BEFORE you leave! Our weather and your weather can be VERY different!