We have a few simple rules that you are required to follow to make sure it's fun for everyone ...

1. No human aggressive dogs allowed. Period. Any dogs displaying aggressive towards people will be asked to leave (with no refund).

2. Dog aggressive dogs are allowed but we expect you to keep them under control.

3. All dogs must be kept under control. Remember - not every dogs like other dogs getting in their face or sniffing private areas. Please do not allow your dog to go nose-to-nose with another dog unless you have their owner's permission.

4. All dogs must be ON LEASH at all times expect when running the lure. That means you put the leash on BEFORE they get out of the car. We live on a busy road and don't want any accidents.

5. No flexi leashes.

6. There are no refunds once your dog enters the field - even if they don't want to run.

7. A signed waiver must be presented before your dog can run. Waivers are available at the field.

8. We will provide water for drinking and cooling your dogs (bowls, a pool and a hose).

9. Please clean up after your dog. We always have extra bags available if you need one.

10. If you bring children, please keep them under control. Do let allow them to wander around our property.

11. Public restrooms are NOT available on site but there is a gas station just East of our house in our street.

12. Please park on the street only. Handicap parking is available in the driveway with advance notice.