We are Lure Coursing Fanatics! The FIRST All Breed Lure Coursing Club in the US. That's all we do - and we do it well! We have a completely fenced field (no worries of dogs running off or loose dogs interfering on the course), experience running dogs of almost every breed (including the super fast sighthounds) and guidance from those that have been active in lure coursing for MANY years (special thanks to Pat and Jim, our mentors!). We have also helped other clubs get started! We want to bring the joy of coursing to ANY dog that wants to run.


We started our club because our dog Tazer, a Cocker Spaniel, tried lure coursing and LOVED it! When we tried to find places for him to run we couldn't - most places only allow sighthounds. So we decided to start our own club and open it to ANY dog!


Chasing a plastic bag or a piece of bunny fur on a string around a large field might not sound like fun to you but dogs are FANATICAL about this game!!

Our club is in the South-Eastern Wisconsin area (near Kenosha) and open to ANY and all dogs (except human aggressive dogs) that want to try the sport of Lure Coursing!! It doesn't matter what breed your dog is - or if they are a mixed breed. If they like to chase things they will LOVE Lure Coursing!

Many an owner has been surprised when their dogs, who previously showed no signs of being prey driven, fell under the Lure's spell!!

Our motto is ... The Fastest Fun for Four Paws!

Follow the links on the left to find out more about the sport of Lure Coursing, what our schedule is, how to sign up for our events, see pictures of dogs in action, how to contact us with questions and more!